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All trucking accidents are complex. Because of the large size of the semi-truck, injuries and damages are likely to be significant. The Denton & Zachary PLLC law firm represents trucking accident victims in injury claims for compensation.

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Finding the Best Arkansas Trucking Accident Lawyer

As you’re trying to find the best Arkansas trucking accident lawyer, we invite you to get to know Denton & Zachary, PLLC. Some of the ways we provide outstanding representation for our clients are:

  • A law firm that represents victims. You won’t see us representing the trucking company or the insurance companies
  • Experience in complex legal claims. We aren’t afraid to take big cases, and win!
  • Settlement negotiations and trials are both an important part of our practice. We’ll work tirelessly for the right result for you
  • We understand how much a trucking accident can disrupt your life. We work to make sure your damages are fully valued and made a part of your claim
  • Recognition from Super Lawyers and the National Trial Association reflects our success on behalf of our clients
  • Commitment to representing clients in Arkansas. We understand state procedural rules and evidence requirements to aggressively pursue your case
  • Full representation. You are free to focus on your recovery while we’re working hard for results for you
  • Contingency fees and free case consultations. We make sure that our legal services are accessible for everyone. You don’t have to worry about paying for your lawyer

Come get to know us and learn more about your case. Ask for your free case consultation with our legal team.

Claiming Truck Accident Compensation

Our lawyers work tirelessly to claim fair truck accident compensation for you. There are some special things that we evaluate as we work to maximize your compensation.

For example, it may not be just the trucker who has legal fault for the accident. They may work for an employer who is responsible for their actions. There may be a third party who is responsible for the load that they are hauling.

In addition to evaluating who may be responsible for damages, it’s also important to address other legal issues that are important to your compensation. Our lawyers work to prove every element of your claim to claim the truck accident compensation that you deserve.

Do I have a truck accident case?

Arkansas is an at-fault state for truck accident claims. You have a case if another party is responsible for the accident. Each case is evaluated for negligence, or whether any party failed to exercise reasonable care and caution. A simple traffic violation may be sufficient, like speeding or failing to obey a traffic signal.

Truckers are commercial drivers. They have a high duty to operate safety on the roads. A truck must be maintained properly. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not permitted. Our lawyers can look beyond the initial accident report to discover the true causes of the truck accident and grounds for compensation.

What does a truck accident lawyer do?

A truck accident lawyer represents a victim in claiming compensation for an accident. Here are some of the things we may do as we work for justice on behalf of a victim:

  • Investigate who has legal fault to pay damages. The truck driver may not be the only one responsible to pay
  • Find insurance policies and go through the claims process
  • Valuing damages
  • Gathering records including employment and maintenance records from the trucking company
  • Preparing and filing legal documents
  • Speaking on your behalf in court
  • Presenting accident reconstruction to demonstrate the cause and severity of the truck accident
  • Settlement negotiations and trial advocacy
  • Custom legal strategy so that we resolve your case in the way that works best for you
  • Honest guidance and communication throughout the case

As your trucking accident lawyers, we want the at-fault party to be held accountable. Being held accountable means paying the victim fairly for their losses. We have a streamlined process to work towards your compensation efficiently, keeping in mind the special issues faced by trucking accident victims.

What is a typical settlement for an 18-wheeler accident?

There are a lot of things that go into a settlement amount for an 18-wheeler accident. A typical settlement reflects the victim’s damages which may include economic losses and pain and suffering. In addition, it considers the strength of the legal case and other legal issues that are important to determining a fair amount.

Our lawyers work for maximum compensation for 18-wheeler accidents. At your free consultation, ask us what settlement amount is likely in your case. We can explain the strengths and weaknesses of your case and what to expect.

Taking New Cases

We’re taking new cases right now representing motorcycle accident victims. Don’t wait any longer. Take the first step towards recovering compensation by contacting our offices.

At Denton & Zachary, PLLC, we’re lawyers who get results in Arkansas. A trucking accident can seriously impact your life in an instant. However, you don’t have to suffer alone. When we take your case, we fight from start to finish to get the result you deserve.

Free Consultations

With a free consultation, you can explore your case with no obligation. At your consultation, we’ll learn about you and the accident. We’ll explain the law, and we’ll answer your questions. Then, we explain how our representation works and the legal process. If you choose to hire us, we get started building the evidence right away.

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Our lawyers represent trucking accident victims using contingency fees. That means it doesn’t cost anything upfront to hire us. You can pay only when we receive a recovery on your behalf, by settlement or by trial.

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