Commercial Truck Accident Statistics in Conway, AR

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The road is filled with trucks hauling goods across the country. As interstate trucking picks up, so do the number of tractor-trailers on the highways. There are as many as 15.5 million trucks in the U.S., and 13 percent of them make up semis. Commercial truck accidents in Conway, Arkansas are all too frequent. I-40 is one of the most traveled interstates in the U.S., and you could be at risk of a commercial truck accident in Conway, Arkansas if you travel this stretch of highway frequently.

How Common Are Commercial Truck Accidents in the US?

In the U.S., 98 percent of semi accidents result in a fatality. For the first half of 2016, there were 24 fatal accidents in the state with 10 being fatal right on I-40. If you consider that for every 100 million miles there are 2.3 deaths caused by a commercial truck accident and 60.5 injuries, it is likely that you could be a victim of a commercial truck accident while traveling in Conway, Arkansas.

Your odds of getting into a commercial truck accident greatly increase if you spend a lot of time on the same highways where these trucks travel. Your daily commute may be on I-40 or you may travel this route on a family vacation. Even if you are a safe driver, there is still a chance of being injured or killed in a commercial truck accident in Conway, Arkansas, as human error causes 90 percent of these accidents.

Truck drivers make mistakes when driving and this can put you and your family at risk. If injured during a commercial truck accident, you need a truck accident attorney in Conway, Arkansas. They can help you fight to get you the compensation you deserve in your case.

How Can I Avoid a Commercial Truck Accident in Conway, Arkansas?

With so many tractor-trailers on the road, it can be difficult to avoid a Conway, Arkansas commercial truck accident. There are things that you can do to make it safer for you and the truck drivers while on the road. Always give truck drivers plenty of room when on the road. They have multiple blind spots that can cause a Conway, Arkansas truck crash without warning.

You also want to be sure that you can see the driver in their mirrors. If you cannot see them, they cannot see you and an accident could easily occur. Also, do not cut in front of a semi before a stoplight. They need more distance to stop than a car does and they could easily ram the back of your vehicle. Keeping these safety behaviors in mind can help to reduce your chances of getting into a commercial truck accident in Conway, Arkansas.

What Do I Do If I Am Injured in a Commercial Truck Accident in Conway, Arkansas?

Just like any automobile accident in Conway, Arkansas, you need to follow the proper steps for crashes. If injured, you need to get medical treatment. You will also want to call the police and report the commercial truck accident. Talk to the truck driver and get their contact and insurance information. Take photos of the accident damage and your injuries and be sure to look for witnesses that stopped or saw the crash. All of this information will be vital to filing a commercial truck accident claim in Conway, Arkansas.

Following the accident, speak to a Conway, Arkansas, truck accident attorney. They can help you understand the steps you need to take to file a claim against the negligent truck driver. Just like with a car accident, a truck accident lawsuit needs to be filed within three years from the date of the accident when injury or property damage occurs from the crash.

Your truck accident lawyer in Conway, Arkansas, will ensure your lawsuit is filed in accordance with the statute of limitations to avoid a dismissal of your case. Do not wait to speak to an attorney or accept a settlement from an insurance company without checking with a Conway, Arkansas truck accident lawyer first. You could receive more compensation for your injuries through a commercial truck accident lawsuit in Conway, Arkansas and an attorney can help you file your claim.

Consult with a Conway Attorney About Your Commercial Truck Accident Case

When injured during a Conway, Arkansas commercial truck accident, you need the help of a lawyer quickly. The truck crash attorneys at Denton and Zachary can assist you with your case. They will guide you through the legal process and represent you in court for your injury claims. They will fight for your rights and get you the compensation you deserve after a truck accident. Contact us today to set up a consultation.


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