Common Car Accident Injuries in Conway, AR

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Conway may not be the biggest city in the state of Arkansas, but it has its fair share of road accidents. While most car wrecks are minor, there are some which are very serious and associated with life-threatening car accident injuries. If you have been hurt in a car accident in Conway, AR, you may be eligible to receive car accident compensation.

Different accidents result in different types of car accident injuries. The most common types of car accident injuries in Conway, AR include the following:

Head trauma: Injury to the head is one of the most common types of car accident injuries. Many people suffer from head trauma when they get hurt in a car accident as it is one part of the body that is not restrained. In case of an accident, there is a possibility that the head may hit the steering wheel, windshield or one may be thrown out of the car and hit the pavement. For people who get injured in a car accident, head injuries can vary from mild to severe. The injury may be a mild concussion to severe bleeding inside the brain. Almost all patients with a head injury undergo a CT scan of the brain to ensure that there is no structural damage. The recovery following a brain injury also depends on the severity. Car accident compensation claims involving head trauma can be different from regular car accident compensation claims as ongoing treatment and care may be needed.

Spinal cord injury: Many people who get hurt in a car accident suffer from a spinal cord injury. Usually, it is the upper part of the spinal cord or the cervical spine which is involved. If the car accident injuries result in stretched nerves, the injured party may also develop long-term pain and numbness in the arms. If the nerves are severed, the victim can end up being paralyzed. Car accident compensation claims are always dependent on the type of car accident injuries and their long-term consequences.

Neck injury: Another vulnerable area for people who are injured in a car accident is the neck area. The neck is not restrained by the seat belt and the victim may get whiplash because of the acceleration and sudden deceleration of the crash. These car accident injuries may vary from a mild ligament injury to severe nerve injury that can lead to paralysis. Some people who get hurt in a car accident and suffer a neck injury may only have mild pain, but there may be others who can have long-term pain and abnormal sensations in the arms and hand. Neck injuries often require long-term rehabilitation and often full recovery is not possible. All these factors are considered when evaluating car accident compensation.

Fractures: Fractures are another common type of car accident injury. People injured in a car accident often end up with fractured bones. In many cases, it is the long bones of the extremity that are involved. People hurt in a car accident can even fracture the pelvis and the ribs. Most fractures are extremely painful, and the ones that are not dislocated can be reduced without surgery. However, the majority of motor vehicle-induced fractures require surgery to fix them. The recovery after most fractures involves long and extensive rehabilitation to regain motion and muscle strength. Your car accident compensation claim will be based on the type of fracture and the resultant damage that you had incurred when you got hurt in the car accident.

Face injuries: The face is commonly involved when people get injured in a car accident. The face may hit the steering wheel or the windshield, and the injuries can vary from lacerations to a fractured jawbone. Facial injuries are usually serious because the individual can quickly develop difficulty in breathing. Most facial injuries require a CT scan to rule out fractures and other soft tissue injuries. Again, if you have been injured in a car accident and suffered from facial injuries, your car accident compensation may be based on the level and extent of the damage.

Abdomen: Abdominal injuries are also common after a car accident. Serious car accident injuries related to the abdomen include damage to the pancreas, spleen, liver, intestine, and bladder. All these organs can be associated with internal bleeding and some may even require emergent surgery to repair the perforation and stop the bleeding. The recovery after abdominal injury is often prolonged, and one may require extensive hospitalization. You may be able to recover these costs when you file a car accident compensation claim.

Reach Out to a Conway Car Accident Lawyer to Discuss Your Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents account for a significant number of injuries each year in Conway, Arkansas. Many people get hurt in a car accident because of another driver’s reckless behavior, including speeding, drunk driving, and texting. The best ways to avoid a car accident and prevent getting injured is to wear a seatbelt while driving, avoid speeding, and always be alert and anticipate what others may do on the road.

If you have been injured in a car accident in Conway, Arkansas you have the right to seek compensation. Reach out to a Denton & Zachary car accident lawyer in Conway, AR today and we will ensure that you get the justice you deserve.

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