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The rideshare economy has largely pushed taxicabs out of the market. Now, when people need a ride these days, they will go on their phones and hail a ride. The drivers of these cars are not specially trained. They are just average people using their cars to either earn a living or a second income.

With a fleet of regular everyday drivers moonlighting to serve passengers, rideshare companies increase the danger for everyone involved. Both passengers and other drivers on the road are at risk.

A Lyft Driver Shortage Makes Rideshare More Dangerous

Lyft is like any other company these days; it is scrounging to find drivers. As a result, the company may be inclined to cut corners in putting drivers on the road. The company claims to perform background and driving checks on every driver, but they have been known not always to follow their own procedures. They may even be more tempted when the red-hot labor market means that they do not have enough drivers.

Lyft does not release salary data, but drivers outside the major urban areas in Arkansas struggle to earn more than $25 per hour. The company has had to pay incentives to drivers to get them working. Lyft drivers are often older people who are working a second job to earn extra money or save.

How You Can Get Financial Compensation for a Lyft Accident

Whenever a customer pays a fare, Lyft takes 20% off the top for the use of its technology. Then, the driver must pay for their own gas, and they must pay all their own taxes. They get little to no employee benefits because Lyft does not treat drivers as employers. Drivers are independent contractors who supposedly run their own business using the Lyft platform. The arrangement seems somewhat convenient for Lyft, which makes its money no matter what.

The independent contractor status also impacts how you can get compensation if you have been injured in an accident involving a Lyft driver. You cannot sue Lyft for an accident that one of its drivers caused. However, you can still be paid for your Lyft accident injuries. Lyft has an insurance policy in place for drivers, and there are different levels of coverage:

  • $1 million of coverage when the driver has a passenger in the car or has accepted a ride request on the app
  • $50,000/person for bodily injury, 100,000/accident for bodily injury, and $25,000/accident for property damage when the app is on, and the driver is waiting for a ride request
  • When the app is off, the driver’s personal auto insurance will cover the damage that they cause

Lyft spreads its business out among a number of different insurance companies that it refers to as “trusted insurance partners.” They are partners in protecting themselves and trying to shortchange you. The fact that Lyft trusts them means that you should not.

Lyft works with the following insurance companies:

  • Allstate
  • Liberty Mutual
  • Mobilitas
  • Progressive
  • State Farm

$1 million may seem like a lot of money, but you are not the only person who may be filing a claim against this policy. The coverage limit is on a per accident basis. If you are an injured passenger, there may be another injured driver who is also filing a claim against the driver’s insurance policy.

Lyft’s Insurance Company Does Not Want to Pay Your Full Damages

No matter how many people file claims, the insurance companies will all act the same. They have an obligation to pay for all your accident injuries when the Lyft driver was responsible for the crash.

You have the legal right to be paid for:

  • Medical bills
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life

We Negotiate With the Insurance Company on Your Behalf

You must negotiate compensation the same as you would in any accident. The insurance company will try to make you a settlement offer that is for less than you deserve. They see rideshare accident claims every day, and they know what they are worth. Their business strategy is to pay as little as possible so that they can pad their profits.

Your Lyft accident attorney is very important because they also know the value of your claim and how to deal with the insurance company. If the settlement offer is too low, your lawyer would advise you to reject it. At this point, you have two options:

  • Continue to negotiate with the insurance company by making your own counteroffer.
  • File a lawsuit against the driver in court (you cannot sue Lyft, and the insurance company will defend the driver).

Regardless of how you proceed, you need an experienced lawyer who can help maximize your Lyft accident compensation. Insurance companies know how to exploit and shortchange people who try to represent themselves, so you should not try to do it.

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Lyft Accident Case FAQs

What happens if a loved one was killed in a Lyft accident?

You can file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver, and your family can be compensated for their own losses suffered when your loved one died.

What if another driver was the cause of the accident?

Your lawyer would investigate the crash and determine who was at fault. You can sue the responsible driver for your injuries.

What if the insurance coverage is not enough to pay for your damages?

You may be able to file a claim against your own insurance policy, or you can file a lawsuit against the driver personally, and they will be responsible for the extra damages.

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