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Trucks have always posed a danger for motorists on the roadways, and the problem is getting worse. Drivers often face challenges avoiding accidents on highways. One mistake from the truck driver, and your life can be permanently changed. It does not matter how defensively you drive or what you do to stay safe.

There are a number of factors that have made trucking even more dangerous over the past few years, including:

  • There are more trucks on the road because of the supply chain crisis and the rise in online shopping.
  • Truck drivers have aged and retired, while trucking companies are struggling to fill openings.
  • The nation’s roads continue to deteriorate, meaning that there are more highway work zones and worse road conditions.
  • Truck drivers are under more pressure to deliver goods on time, causing them to speed or take other chances.
  • Trucking companies are under increasing pressure to squeeze out profits, and they will cut corners to achieve this goal.

Trucking Companies Must Follow Many Federal Rules

Trucking is a heavily regulated industry. Trucking companies and drivers must follow a wide span of rules that govern practically every aspect of the business, including:

  • Maintenance requirements for regular inspections and trucks to be in working order
  • Hours of service limitations that mandate driver rest at certain periods
  • Qualification requirements for drivers
  • Rules for safe cargo loading
  • Mandatory drug and alcohol testing for drivers under certain circumstances

The Differences Between a Car and Truck Accident

Truck accidents are different from passenger vehicle crashes in a number of respects. Trucking companies must maintain their records that show compliance with these rules. In addition, trucks have event data recorders that can show what the truck was doing at the time of the accident. Your truck accident attorney will need to perform an extensive investigation to establish the cause of the accident and begin to gather the evidence necessary to prove it.

The stakes are high in every motor vehicle accident, and they are even higher in a truck crash. When you are in an accident with a truck driver, you have the legal ability to sue the trucking company for damages. The truck driver is an agent of the trucking company that is legally responsible for the actions of its operators.

Truck Accidents Usually Have Higher Compensation Involved

While there is no direct answer to the question of what the average truck accident settlement is, most agree that the amount is higher than the average passenger vehicle crash. There are two reasons for truck accident cases being worth more:

  • Truck accident injuries are usually more severe.
  • Trucking companies maintain large insurance policies because they want to stay in business after a serious accident (if their insurance coverage is not enough, you can go after the trucking company’s bank accounts and physical assets).

When you have been injured in a truck accident, you have legal rights. You can be paid in full for all the injuries that you have suffered. The insurance company may try to underpay you for your damages, but they and the trucking companies are the ones that should be afraid.

Juries have been known to hand down large verdicts when the truck driver is to blame for the accident. Insurance companies know that they must incur litigation costs to defend a lawsuit, so they must eventually raise their settlement offer to match your damages.

Damages in a Truck Accident

In any truck accident case, you can be paid the following:

  • Economic damages for the actual costs of your injuries, including lost wages and medical bills
  • Non-economic damages for the physical and emotional effects of your accident injuries
  • If your loved one died in a truck crash, your family could be paid wrongful death damages.

You must be patient because truck accident cases can take time. First, your lawyer will need to investigate the accident and begin to prepare your claim or lawsuit. If you choose to pursue an insurance claim, you will need to negotiate compensation after you prove liability for the accident. Insurance companies will try to wear you down because that may be one of the only edges that they have when you hire an aggressive attorney.

If you file a lawsuit, a truck accident case can take years from start to finish. Therefore, trucking companies think that they are the only game in town because you need the money now. However, some patience and a determined lawyer will give you some leverage.

Preparation and determination are critical in every truck accident case. In order to effectively negotiate a settlement agreement, you need to know the full value of your claim. Then, you need to overcome the insurance company’s tactics to get what you legally deserve.

These are tasks that an average truck accident victim cannot perform on their own. Insurance companies have an entire infrastructure in place, the entire purpose of which is to make your life more difficult. What you negotiate today will have a major impact on your family’s financial future.

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Truck Accident Case FAQs

Will my truck accident case settle?

Most truck accident cases will settle because both you and the defendant take risks when a case goes to trial that you do not want to take.

Should I accept the settlement offer that I received?

Only if it fully and fairly pays you for your damages. The initial settlement offer, as a rule, will be for far less than you deserve.

What happens if the insurance company denies my claim?

You have the right to file a lawsuit in court because the jury gets the final say over your case.

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