The Importance of MEDPAY Coverage

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Medical Payments coverage, or “MEDPAY” coverage is some of the most importance car insurance coverage you can have. MEDPAY insurance coverage helps pay for medical and associated with auto accidents, even medical bills that your health insurance may not cover. Regardless if the accident was your fault, this coverage will help you pay bills you receive.

How Does “MEDPAY” Coverage Work?

While it may be tempting to waive “MEDPAY” coverage to lower your premium, most health insurance plans will not cover all your medical expenses after an accident. You probably will be required to make copayments when you seek medical treatment. And if you have a plan with a high deductibles that can leave you responsible for thousands of dollars in health care costs before your health insurance coverage kicks in.

If the car accident is not your fault, you may have coverage from that driver’s liability policy (or your own coverage for uninsured drivers). But these claims may take several months to determine who is at fault, especially if there is litigation. In the meantime liability insurance is not paying claims, medical care providers are not getting paid, and bills may stack up. But if you have “MEDPAY” coverage to your car insurance policy, you can cover yourself and make sure you medical bills get paid quickly while you resolve your claim with the other person’s insurance company.

Not Sure If You Have “MEDPAY” Coverage?

To see if you have “MEDPAY” coverage, check your policy or contact your insurance agent. In Arkansas, each insurance company is legally required to offer and sell you “MEDPAY” coverage when you apply for an auto insurance policy. This coverage is so important that our state legislature created a requirement that if you choose not to have Med Pay coverage, you have to sign a written statement saying that you do not want it.

If you do not have “MEDPAY” coverage, call your insurance agent immediately and ask for it be added. You will most likely find that coverage costs just dollars a month.

Will Making a Claim on My “MEDPAY” Coverage Raise My Premiums?

When an accident is not your fault, you are probably reluctant to make a claim on your own insurance policy for fear it will raise your premiums. Insurance companies cannot penalize you in any way whatsoever for for using, applying for, or dealing with Med Pay in any way. That means you will not see the insurance company raise your premiums simply because you used your Med Pay coverage.

Denton & Zachary Does Not Take a Fee on Our Clients’ “MEDPAY”

While a number of Cordova personal injury attorneys take a fee of their clients’ “MEDPAY” money (often 33.3% or more), Denton & Zachary has a firm policy to not take a fee on our client’s “MEDPAY” coverage. This is simply because that money is not there to pay the lawyer, but there to help our clients with bills they are facing. And since this is “no-fault” coverage, there is hardly ever an argument about an insurance provider paying money under a client’s “MEDPAY” policy. That is why we have a firm no fee policy for helping our clients obtain benefits under their “MEDPAY” coverage.

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