What is the Arkansas Law on Texting and Driving?

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In 2017 Arkansas effected a new law that bans texting and driving. The law bans writing, sending or reading a text-based communication. It also makes illegal accessing, reading or posting on social media while driving. The law allows for drivers to be fined if they’re caught texting and driving. This is a necessary law because every day you see drivers texting while behind the wheel. This behavior endangers the lives of other road users in Conway, AR. Distracted driving leads to the death of 9 people every day in America. Another 1000 are injured due to distracted driving. In 2015 Arkansas had 556 fatal accidents. Nearly half of these (41%) were caused by distracted drivers. These statistics are for fatal accidents. We have not looked at non-fatal crashes or near misses. Distracted driving, more specifically texting while driving, is making roads in Arkansas very dangerous. That is probably why the state legislature passed such a stringent law against texting and driving in the country.

Ask a Car Accident Lawyer: What Are the Fines For Texting and Driving in Arkansas?

First-time offenders caught texting and driving are fined $250. If their actions result in an accident, the fine is doubled to $500. When coming up with this law, Arkansas lawmakers believed stricter penalties would deter individuals from texting and driving.

The fine is significant for most people and a driver will think twice before they text while on the road. They would not want to pay that much for something they could avoid. The fine for second and subsequent offenses is also $500. The law, however, doesn’t allow for the addition of points on a motorist’s license.

This new law is tougher than a previous law banning texting while driving. Since 2009 it has been illegal in Arkansas to text and drive. In the past, a driver stopped for texting while operating a vehicle was ticketed and received a fine of $100.

Now, if you’re in an accident because you were texting and driving you could face a reckless driving charge. Should this be the case, you would need a car wreck lawyer. If someone died because of your negligence, you could also face negligent homicide charges.

What Are The Exceptions to The Ban On Texting and Driving in Conway?

The law doesn’t apply to:

  • Emergency services personnel carrying out their duties.
  • Drivers reporting illegal activity.
  • Trying to get medical or other emergency assistance,
  • Drivers communicating to prevent injury to a person or property
  • Using a GPS system.

What Are the Special Rules Regarding Cellphone Use for Drivers in 18-20 Age Group in Conway?

The texting and driving ban applies to all drivers. However, restrictions on using a cell phone while driving are due to a driver’s age and where they’re driving.

  • Drivers 21 years and older can talk on the phone while driving. However, when driving through a school zone or highway work zone with workers present, they can’t do so. This is only okay if they have hands-free technology.
  • Drivers under 18 years old cannot talk on the phone while driving, unless there is an emergency situation. This includes hands free devices.
  • Drivers 18 to 21 years old cannot hold their phone and talk while driving. They can talk on the phone when driving only if they have hands-free equipment. Using a handheld phone is only for emergencies.

When Do You Need a Conway Car Wreck Lawyer?

Mobile phones weren’t meant to be used while driving. If in an accident caused by a driver who was texting, talk to a car accident lawyer immediately. Arkansas laws are on your side and will enable you to recover damages. A car wreck lawyer in a personal injury case must show the other driver failed to use proper care. Since it is illegal to text, the case can be simple to prove for your car accident lawyer. The driver texting shows an instance of failing to use proper care. This simple fact can get you compensation for car accident injuries. Talk to our car wreck lawyer at Denton & Zachary to discuss your rights and options. Our lawyers are here to help you seek compensation as you recover from your injuries. Our offices are located at 600 S. German Lane, Suite 101 Conway, AR 72034. Come to us for a free consultation on your case.

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