What Should I Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Arkansas?

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Motorcycles offer a certain convenience and freedom to their users. Besides, it’s a cheaper means of transport. But these benefits come with some risks. Due to motorcycles’ design, the high speeds they can attain, and minimal safety, motorcycle accidents are more serious than car accidents. Injuries sustained through a motorcycle accident can be devastating. Victims may suffer life-altering injuries like back injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, disability, disfigurement, or death. Little Rock personal injury attorneys at Denton & Zachary, PLLC understand how traumatizing these injuries can be and therefore offer compassionate and aggressive legal assistance to victims in Arkansas and Tennessee.

What Are the Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

Most motorcycle accidents in Arkansas are caused by motorists who fail to recognize the presence of a motorcyclist in their path. And because motorcycles don’t have seat belts, airbags, and other safety features, the injuries are always more severe. The common causes of these accidents include:

  • Left Turn
  • Tailgating – underestimating the amount of space needed to come to a safe stop
  • Blind spots – a motorcyclist may be sitting in a blind spot and a car driver may not be aware of it
  • Car dooring – a person may open the door of a parked car without looking only to open it into the path of an oncoming motorcyclist.
  • Speeding
  • Failure to signal a lane change in front of a motorcyclist
  • Poor weather – ice, snow, rain, and sleet can increase the chances of a motorcycle accident.
  • Defects on the motorcycle itself like tires, etc.
  • Poor road design may lead to an accident and make the county, city or state liable for the accident
  • Drunk driving or distracted driving
  • Unrefined skills – braking and cornering need time to perfect
  • Lack of knowledge – new motorcyclists may not be too familiar with how a bike works and should take their time to learn more about riding
  • A motorcycle crash is often serious even at low speeds because of the risk of being thrown from the bike and onto other moving vehicles’ path.

What Do I Do After a Motorcycle Accident?

An accident will undoubtedly shock you, and your mind will be busy trying to figure out what just happened. It’s best to remain calm to handle the situation effectively. Take these steps when involved in a motorcycle accident in Little Rock, AR: Call an emergency response team – the first priority should be your health, and you should seek medical assistance by calling 911. The police and the medics will respond and arrive on the scene. Get to safety – move away from the road if you can. Take photographs – this is the best form of evidence you can have. Take photos of your bike, your injuries, the intersection, and other vehicles involved. Gather evidence – talk to eyewitnesses and collect their names and contact information. Record the model, plate number, and make of the cars involved in the accident. Take notes of the accident – while still fresh in your memory, record everything that happened leading up to the accident. Record the weather conditions, location, how it happened, time, and anything else that’s useful. Work with the police – once they arrive at the scene, cooperate with them and answer their questions but avoid saying anything that may imply fault. Notify your insurer about the accident Consult with a motorcycle accident lawyer in Little Rock ASAP – the sooner your lawyer can get to work on your case, the better. If you suffered injuries and damages to your motorcycle, you need an attorney to handle the legal aspect of your case.

Should I Call 911 If I Am Uninjured?

Even if you feel okay, you still need to call 911, get a police report and get examined by a medical professional. Skipping this step may jeopardize your case if you want to file a claim afterward.

What Shouldn’t I Do After a Motorcycle Accident in Arkansans?

Some things can affect your case negatively if done. Avoid doing these things:

  • Don’t leave the accident scene until the police arrive unless you’ve been taken to an emergency room
  • Don’t give a recorded statement to your insurer without your Little Rock motorcycle accident attorney
  • Don’t give your opinions to the police
  • Don’t accept settlement offers from an insurance company without an attorney helping you calculate your losses

How Do I File a Claim for My Motorcycle Injuries?

You need to file a personal injury claim with the insurance company. At this point, your attorney will help you negotiate a fair claim payment.

Statute of Limitations

There’s a time limit for filing a personal injury claim or wrongful death claim in the state of Arkansas. You have three years from the date the injuries were sustained to file a personal injury claim. You also have three years to file a wrongful death claim since the death of the victim.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

In any multi-vehicle accident involving motorcyclists, it’s often the motorcyclists who suffer the majority of injuries. When someone else is responsible for your crippling injuries and piling medical bills, you need an experienced lawyer to help you receive the full compensation for your losses. A lawyer will deal with the stubborn insurance providers who oftentimes want to shortchange you. A skilled personal injury lawyer will also help prepare a bulletproof case with everything accounted for and represent you if the case ends up in a civil court.

Compassionate Attorney Protecting Accident Victims’ Rights

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a motorcycle wreck, you are entitled to pursue both economic and non-economic damages for your motorcycle injuries, suffering, and losses. But it’s also important to remember that you are not alone.

A Little Rock personal injury attorney who offers strategic and fierce advocacy can help you throughout the process so that you can focus on your own recovery and healing. Our law firm has successfully represented motorcycle accident victims who have suffered severe injuries. Schedule a free consultation with us and learn how to protect your rights.

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