What To Do in a Semi Truck Accident

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Did you know Arkansas ranks 4th in the United States for large truck fatalities, according to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette?  The United States Department of Transportation reported a staggering statistic: 1,808 large trucks and buses involved in fatal and non-fatal crashes in Arkansas for 2023. At Denton, Zachary, and Norwood PLLC Law Firm, we recognize the importance of being well-prepared for a semi-truck accident. We want to make sure we equip you with the essential steps to take in the event of an accident:


Safety First

Make the safety of yourself and your loved ones involved in the accident your top priority. If possible, turn on hazard lights to alert oncoming drivers and move to a safe location.

Emergency Services

Promptly call 911 to report the accident and request for immediate emergency medical assistance. You will want to ensure the 911 dispatch operator knows the location, injuries, and number of vehicles involved.


Assess yourself and others for any injuries. Even if you do not believe your injuries are severe, seeking medical attention is crucial. Some injuries may not be evident immediately, and a medical examination can accurately assess your condition.

Document the Details

If it’s safe and feasible, consider documenting the scene by taking a picture or video using your smartphone. Prioritize your safety and the safety of others, but if conditions allow, leveraging multimedia documentation can be a powerful tool for communication and future reference. 

Report to Your Insurance Company

Get in touch with your insurance company at your earliest convenience to report the accident. Most insurers have a 24/7 claims hotline for emergencies so that you can call anytime. Be prepared to give basic information regarding the accident, such as your policy number, specify the date and time of the accident, and the exact location where the accident occurred. Make sure you stick to the facts when explaining the circumstances of the accident in detail. 

Contact Denton, Zachary, and Norwood PLLC Law Firm

Let us be your specialized injury attorneys at Denton, Zachary, and Norwood PLLC Law Firm if you are in a semi-truck accident. We will provide compassionate counsel throughout the legal process, ensuring the protection of your rights while aggressively pursuing compensation for damages and injuries. 

Being well-informed and taking these steps can significantly impact the outcome of a semi-truck accident case. Denton, Zachary, and Norwood PLLC Law Firm approach combines compassionate counsel with assertive advocacy to address your legal needs. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your semi truck accident case.

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